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11/18/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Scanning, Automated Technical Analysis & More on Mobile App!

Hello, Everyone! We are very excited to bring you this big update to the TrendSpider Mobile Companion Apps for iOS and Android. This is a multi-feature update to the TrendSpider Mobile Companion Apps for iOS and Android. Below is a list of new capabilities and some information about them.

TrendSpider Mobile APP Update: Scanning, Automated T.A. & More!

Scanning on Mobile

This is a game-changing new capability not available on any other trading platform that we are aware of. Using mobile scanning, you can search the market from anywhere. When combined with our Smart Watchlist Management features, it makes doing investing research from anywhere much easier and more functional.

  • Access your TrendSpider Market Scanners from TrendSpider Mobile
  • Real-time Scanning using same engine as TrendSpider’s web platform
  • View details of scanner configurations
  • Quick refresh button to refresh scanners
  • Access shared and subscribed scanners
  • Use full-screen watch list flippers on scanner results

Interface Changes

We have made some minor changes to the interface to make your experience better and more fluid.

  • New “Chart Controls” button added and visible in both split and full-screen modes.
  • Can now change the watchlist from Full-Screen Mode. This will reduce how many times you have to go back into split-screen mode to make changes.

New Chart Controls

You can now control certain chart features from the new “Chart Controls” menu.

  • Hide/Show Trading Period Separation Lines
  • Hide/Show Non-Regular Trading Hours (Pre and Post Sessions)
  • Enable/Disable Automatic Breakout Highlighting
  • Switch between Linear and Log Scales

Automated Technical Analysis Functions

You can now access certain TrendSpider Automated Technical Analysis features from the new “Chart Controls” menu.

  • Enable/Disable Auto Fibonacci Retracements
  • Enable/Disable Auto Trendlines

Additional Data and Updates

You can now display TrendSpider Additional Data and Asset Insights Data on your charts from within the new “Chart Controls” menu.

  • Display Analyst Estimate Markers on Charts
  • Display Splits on Charts
  • Display Dividend Dates on Charts
  • Display Earnings Dates and Results on Charts
  • Display FINRA Reg SHO Data