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10/07/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Save Complete Strategies in the Strategy Tester + Examples

Hello everyone, and welcome to another software update announcement post! Today, we are very excited to release a major update to the TrendSpider Strategy Tester. More after the jump!

The Strategy Tester is TrendSpider’s full-featured, enterprise-grade backtesting system. It enables you to define technical buy and sell rules, then test how those rules would have performed with historical data.

Previously, strategies developed in the Strategy Tester could only be saved in parts. You would save the entry conditions as one script, and you would save the exit conditions as another script. Stop conditions, such as trailing stops, stop losses, and candles-in trade were not savable. In today’s update, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced the ability for you to save entire strategies as an individual entity in the system.

Save Complete Strategies in the Strategy Tester in TrendSpider.

Some important notes about this change:

  • Similar to how Market Scanner configurations are saved in TrendSpider to a left-side bar menu, your Strategy Tester configurations will be saved in the same way.
  • Like other aspects of the TrendSpider system, changes are not automatically saved. You must click Save when you wish to save your work. The system will indicate when the current version visible is the saved version, as well as warn you if you attempt to exit without saving.
  • You may use hashtags in your strategy names to group strategies together.
  • When you open the Strategy Tester for first time after this update, any strategies you had saved in TrendSpider will be automatically saved in the new Strategy Tester as “Strategy 1”, “Strategy 2”, etc. Since each workspace in your account previously could have up to one strategy saved in memory at a time, any strategies you had open in workspaces will be saved for you in this way.

To learn more about how to use this new capability in practice, please see our customer knowledgebase article on the topic by clicking here.

In addition, we have also released three new example strategies for you to learn from and build upon:

Basic EMA Cross Strategy

  • Timeframe: 30-minute chart
  • Description: This strategy will buy an asset when the 30-minute chart EMA 13 crosses up through the EMA 26. 13 and 26 are used because there are 13 candles per day on a 30-minute chart, so effectively we are using 1 and 2 days of data for the respective EMAs.
  • Stop loss: –1.5%

Basic EMA Cross Strategy in TrendSpider.

RSI + Bollinger Bands Volatility Strategy

  • Timeframe: Daily chart
  • Description: This strategy attempts to exploit the volatility of momentum by buying an asset when the RSI line crosses up through the lower Bollinger Band on the RSI + Bollinger Bands indicator. It exits a position when the RSI line crosses down through it’s upper Bollinger Band.
  • Stop loss: -5%
  • Trailing Stop loss: -5%

RSI + Bollinger Bands Volatility Strategy in TrendSpider.

Weekly Anchored OBV Strategy

  • Timeframe: 65-minute chart
  • Description: This strategy enters when Anchored OBV (weekly, continuous) crosses through 0 and sells when it crosses down through 0. This example demonstrates how to use automatically anchored indicators in the TrendSpider Strategy Tester.
  • Stop loss: None.
  • Take Profit: 5%
  • Max time in trade: 200 Candles

Weekly Anchored OBV Strategy in TrendSpider.

While this update may seem small, it is an important building block for more sophisticated capabilities in the future, including:

  • Strategy version tracking and control for iterations management
  • Sharing complete entry and exit strategies with others
  • Creating strategy-driven, position-aware alerts that mirror your backtest buy-sell rules
  • Running strategies against multiple symbols and watch list