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12/09/2021 |

Software Update: r/Wallstreetbets Mention Tracker

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another software update from TrendSpider. Today, we are pleased to announce a new addition to the “other data” tool that plots total mentions on r/Wallstreetbets for the asset selected in your chart window. More information after the jump.

Curious how popular the asset you are charting is on r/Wallstreetbets? This new addition to the “other data” tool plots r/Wallstreetbets total mentions for you to visualize instantly as you scroll through your watchlist.

Add To Chart:

  • Select “Other data”
  • Check “Mentions on r/wallstreetbets”
  • r/Wallstreetbets Mention Tracker will populate below your chart window

We hope you enjoy this update. Stay tuned, a lot more still to come!