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07/30/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: PolyLine Upgrade

Hello everyone! Today we have a small update for our PolyLine Drawing Tool, now traders can check the “Arrow” checkbox to add an arrow endpoint to any Polyline. Enjoy!

Arrow Added for the PolyLine Drawing Tool

To draw with the PolyLine tool, select it from the drawing tool menu or use the tools preset – hotkey Alt-W. Next, draw a line with multiple points and hit enter or double click to lock in your drawing. Once your PolyLine drawing is drawn, right-click on the figure and select “Properties”

In your properties window, you will notice a broad range of options for the PolyLine tool. Smoothing, labels, color selection, and now an Arrow checkbox! Click the “Arrow” checkbox to add one to the end of your PolyLine. Have fun!

Arrow Added for the PolyLine Drawing Tool in TrendSpider.