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10/08/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: News Scanning Enabled for the Market Scanner / Smart Checklist

Hello everyone, and happy Friday. This week, we’re capping off with an exciting new capability for the Market Scanner: the ability to search stocks by news article, and to use news as part of your scanner conditions. For more info, look below!

News Scanning Enabled for the Market Scanner / Smart Checklist in TrendSpider.

We all know that news can move markets. So why can’t we use it for more than just displaying a list of news events? Well, now we can. Introducing Scanning and Smart Checklists on News in the TrendSpider Market Scanner. Here’s how it works:

Scanning with News Conditions

  1. Open the Market Scanner
  2. Click on New Scanner
  3. Click on Add Parameter
  4. Select “News (content)” from the menu
  5. Select the type of News condition you wish to add. Condition options include:
    1. Include an article with all of keywords
    2. Include an article with any of keywords
    3. Include at least one article
  6. If you selected one of the first two choices in the previous menu, you will now be asked to input your keywords. For information about how to do this, please see below.
  7. If you selected the last option, your condition will now be added.
  8. Next, adjust the timeframe for the look-back window. You can do this by clicking on the condition itself (e.g. “News since X days ago”). This will give you an option to control the date range you are looking at.
    1. Note: This is an integer, starting with 1, that defines a look-back period. If you enter 7, it will find any news that has occurred in the previous 7 days, including today.
  9. That’s it. Now just add any other conditions you wish.
    1. Remember: You can mix and match technical and non-technical conditions in your scanner configurations.

News in Smart Checklists

  • Simply add the same conditions in the same way you would for a scanner, but do it in the Smart Checklist.

News in Smart Checklists in TrendSpider.

How Keywords Work

Keywords are easy to use once you understand a few basic concepts.

  • If you select “Include an article with all keywords”, then the keywords you enter must ALL be present in an article in order for the condition to be true.
  • If you select “Include an article with any keywords”, then only one of the keywords you indicate must be present in an article in order for the condition to be true.
  • When entering keywords, please understand there are a few basic rules to remember:
    • Keywords are separated with commas. For example “Apple, Tree, Taco, Chicago, Alabama”. Each of these words is a separate and unique keyword for the condition. Please note, when you enter keywords this way, the letters simply must appear in the article in that order. So if you enter “Micro” in your keywords, it will match “Microsoft”, “Micro Payment”, and any other term that contains the letters of the word “micro”.
    • You may use quotation marks to indicate words or phrases you wish to include. When you enter “Micro” with quotation marks around it in the search condition list, it must exist as a stand-alone word. It will no longer match Microsoft, for example.
    • You may use quotation marks around phrases as well. For example “Microsoft zero day” will find articles that contain that entire phrase, including the spaces.
    • You may mix and match search terms this way. For example, you may search for the following list of keywords: Drink, Coke, “I love you”.
    • You may use negative criteria, for example, you may search for the following keywords: FDA,-Denied. This will include all articles that contain the word FDA but do not contain the word Denied.

For more information on how to use this feature, please see the knowledgebase article on the topic.

Example Scanners Included in Release

Recent Today + Very Oversold RSI

This scanner searches for names that have very recent news (within the last day) and an RSI(14) reading under 30 on the Daily Chart. It is a great example of how to mix and match News + other conditions.

Example scanner in TrendSpider: Recent Today + Very Oversold RSI.

Recent FDA Approval News

This scanner searches for recent FDA news that is positive and relates to an approval of some kind within the last 7 days.

Example scanner in TrendSpider: Recent FDA Approval News.

Recent Gov Investigation

This scanner looks for news that contains the name of a government agency and words that imply some kind of investigation within the last 7 days.

Example scanner in TrendSpider: Recent Gov Investigation.