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08/24/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New “Stroke” Option for Bar Charts

Hello Everyone! We are pleased to bring you another minor update to the TrendSpider platform’s Bar charts. You can now personalize the thickness of the price bars on the Bar chart type by choosing from 3 different stroke (thickness) options: “thin”, “medium”, and “wide”. 

Access Stroke Option Settings

  1. Open “chart options” by clicking on the “gear” icon on the upper left of your chart window.
  2. From the “style” tab in the “chart preference” dialog box, you’ll find the “stroke” option slider below in the “Chart Type” section.
  3. Slide the stroke selector up and down to increase or decrease bar stroke thickness.

New stroke options for bar charts in TrendSpider.

Please note: To apply these settings to the Mobile Companion App, stroke width adjustments should be made via the web-based platform on the special mobile workspace. Also, keep in mind, this setting is chart-specific. If you have multiple chart windows on your screen, you would have to make this change in each of them.

We hope that you enjoy this update and look forward to delivering many more in the near future. Stay tuned!