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05/16/2022 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New Smart Watchlists and Time Zone Customization

Hey everybody! We’re excited to announce a few new updates to the TrendSpider platform. In this update, we’ve made some really exciting new additions to the custom watchlists. In addition, users can now customize the time zone for their chart time axis. Details after the jump!

New Smart Watchlists and Time Zone Customization in TrendSpider.

Top Traded by Retail Investors Watchlist

The first new style of custom watchlists that we’ve added are the ‘Top Traded By Retail Investors’ lists. These watch lists contain tickers that were the most traded by retail investors on Nasdaq at a given date up to seven days back (yesterday, 2 days ago e.t.c.). Every list contains the top 10 tickers traded by retail investors and is ordered by activity. For example, if a ‘Top Traded, 2 Days Ago, Retail Investors‘ list contains AAPL, MSFT, ZM in the top three positions, then you can tell that AAPL was the most traded asset (by retail traders) 2 days ago, MSFT the 2nd most traded asset, and ZM the third most traded.

Top Traded by Retail Investors Watchlists in TrendSpider.

Important note: for these lists, “X days ago” actually means “X trading days ago”. So, for example, on Monday, the ‘Top Traded, 1 Day Ago, Retail Investors‘ list contains top tickers traded by retail investors last Friday.

Market Cap Watchlist

We’ve also added a new set of custom watchlists that filter by market cap. As you can see in the image below, we now offer lists that allow you specify the size of the company that you’re looking for.

Market Cap Watchlists in TrendSpider.

Though these lists can be useful simply as they are, we find them to be best used as a parameter within the scanner. In order to utilize them in the scanner, simply open the scanner, click ‘add parameter’, then ‘condition’, then ‘watchlist’ and type in ‘market cap’ and select the list that you’d like to use! We’re really happy to add this feature, as it has been widely requested and can be a very helpful way to further refine your scan results.

Scanning with Market Cap Watchlists in TrendSpider.

Customized Time Zones

You can now adjust the time zone on your charts to reflect either the exchange time zone (EST) or your local time. In the bottom right-hand corner of your chart, note where it says ‘Your local time zone.’ Your charts will be set to your local time by default.

Customized Time Zones in TrendSpider.

If you’d like to switch your charts over to the exchange time zone, simply click on the ‘cog’ icon in the top left portion of your chart, then choose the ‘Data’ tab and click the drop-down menu next to ‘Time Zone’ and change the setting to ‘Exchange time zone’.

Switch between your local time zone and exchange time zone in TrendSpider.

Some traders find it very helpful to be able to view their charts on the exchange time zone. This functionality makes it so that one does not have to make any comparisons between their local time and the exchange time and we’re very excited to be able to bring this feature to the platform. Enjoy!