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11/12/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New Smart Watchlists for Trading Halts/Halted Securities

Hello, and welcome to another Software Update from the TrendSpider development team. In this update, we are releasing a new type of smart watchlist designed to make your life easier. More information after the jump!

New Smart Watchlists for Trading Halts/Halted Securities in TrendSpider.

TrendSpider has integrated securities and trading halt data from the NYSE into the TrendSpider platform.

New Smart Watchlists for Halted Securities

In your TrendSpider Watch list selector, you will see 9 new watch lists that are labeled as “moderated” lists. You may use these new moderated watch lists as the universe for your scanners. This allows you to search for technical conditions or upcoming/past events on symbols that have recently experienced a trading halt according to the NYSE.

  • Trading halts that occurred today (within the current session)
  • Trading halts that occurred within the last 7 days
  • Trading halts that occurred within the last 30 days

For each of these timeframes, you will see 3 variations:

  • Trading halts for LULD (“Limit Up or Limit Down” aka a Volatility Halt) which typically lasts for 5 minutes or so.
  • Trading halts for Pending News which typically ends after a news item is released.

Scanning on Halt Watchlists

To do this, just:

  • Open the Market Scanner
  • Create a New Scanner
  • Input your Scanner Conditions
  • Select the desired Trading Halts universe from the “Scan Through” drop-down list
  • Proceed as normal and run your scan.

Limitations of Smart Watchlists

  • This data is not real-time. Smart Watchlists for Trading Halts are updated every 10 minutes automatically.
  • This data cannot be used in alerts yet