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06/03/2022 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Nasdaq Retail Trading Activity Tracker

Hey everybody! We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added some very interesting new data to the platform: Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity. Details after the jump!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to easily visualize how much retail trading activity is taking place in any particular name on any particular day? Well, now you can with our all-new ‘Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity’ indicator.

How We Define Retail Traders Activity

We define “Retail Traders Activity” as the share of volume traded by retail traders on a given ticker on a specific date vs. the overall volume traded by all retail traders across all tickers on the same date. The purpose of this data is to give us a metric for exactly where the lion’s share of retail trader eyes (and trades) are at any time.

Adding the Indicator to Your Charts

You can enable this indicator on your charts using the ‘Other Data’ menu in the top toolbar. Click ‘Other Data’ and then enable ‘Retail Traders Activity Percentage’. The data will be presented within a lower indicator at the bottom of your charts.

Adding the Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity indicator in TrendSpider.

How to Read the Indicator

As mentioned above, the data will display as a simple line graph within a lower indicator. The value for each given day (this indicator is best viewed on the Daily time frame) represents the percentage of overall retail trading volume that particular name has garnered.

In the image below, we see 3.68% in the top left corner. That means that 3.68% of all retail trading on this particular day was in this name. Of course, the higher this number is, the more retail traders were trading it.

Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity indicator example in TrendSpider.

Retail Traders Activity Watchlists

In addition to being able to view this data as a line graph on any stock or ETF, it is also utilized to populate our shared ‘Top Traded’ watchlists and all users have access to these watchlists. As you can see in the image below, we offer several ‘Top Traded’ watchlist options. These lists contain the top 10 traded names (by percentage) for each of the past 7 days, and the symbols are listed in order from the most traded name, down. To access these lists, simply add a ‘Watchlist or Scanner’ via the ‘Sidebar’ button, and then search ‘Retail’ in the search bar and select the list you’d like to see.

Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity watchlists in TrendSpider.

Users can also utilize these watchlists within the scanner, turning a ticker’s appearance on one of these lists into a requirement for a scan. For example, you can define that a ticker appeared on a Top Traded list within the past three days using the criteria in the image below.

Scanning with Nasdaq Retail Traders Activity watchlists in TrendSpider.

We hope you find this new data helpful, and we look forward to expanding on it in the future!