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07/01/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Introducing the TrendSpider Mobile Companion App

We write this post with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm as today is the day when we are finally releasing the all-new TrendSpider Mobile Companion app for iPhone and Android devices! Unlike most trading apps you have probably downloaded that are designed to be stand-alone, the TrendSpider Mobile app is a companion to the main TrendSpider platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with the web-based version of TrendSpider, with an eye on being as lightweight and fast as possible.

Introducing the TrendSpider Mobile Companion for Android and iOS!

Getting Started with TrendSpider

Keep this in mind: If this is your first time using the TrendSpider platform (meaning you just signed up and have not yet logged into the web portal) please login on your computer first to set things up. This will make your experience both on desktop and on mobile far better.

Downloading the Mobile App

Getting Started with TrendSpider Mobile Companion

Upon opening the TrendSpider Mobile App and logging in with your TrendSpider account credentials, you will be met by the standard user-friendly split screen which has a chart on the top half and your watchlist at the bottom. There are some controls above the watch list designed to make it easy to switch between different watch lists and your list of alerts, which will contain any alert with any status. If you wish to customize the look and feel of the app, you may do so on your computer by logging into TrendSpider and customizing the “Mobile” workspace. Here, you can add and remove indicator options from the mobile app, customize automated analysis, change the colors of the charts, and more. Anything you change in the Mobile workspace will carry over to the app. In addition, all charts in the TrendSpider Mobile app will include your drawings and annotations on them already. You will not have to recreate anything, it will all be perfectly synchronized at all times automatically.


The “watchlist” on the mobile app automatically synchronizes with all watchlists from your TrendSpider account as well as all of the symbols in each list. At the top of the current watchlist, you can tap on the name of the list that is open to reveal the option to switch to another watchlist from the pull-down menu.  Any modifications made to your watchlist on desktop or mobile will automatically carry over to the other. You can add new symbols from the mobile app to the watchlist by clicking on the “star” icon on the top right corner, and instantly the symbol will be added to the current watchlist you are viewing. To remove the symbol just click on the “star” again. Voila!

TrendSpider Mobile app watchlist.


The “Alerts Tab” is home to all of your TrendSpider alerts from the main TrendSpider system. Any alerts created, triggered or expired will be listed here. You can also filter the alerts to show only those for the symbol you are currently viewing by clicking on the “current symbol alerts” option. 

TrendSpider Mobile app alerts.

Charts and Full-Screen Functionality

To unlock the full power of the TrendSpider Mobile app, you will need to switch from split-screen mode to full-screen mode; which you can do by clicking on the square icon on the top right corner. Once you are in full-screen mode, you will have all of TrendSpiders’ charting tools at your disposal and lots of screen space to work. First, let’s have a look at how to navigate “full screen” mode. 

  • Navigate full-screen mode by pinching the screen with two fingers to zoom in or out and reposition the chart by sliding one finger in any direction. 
  • Scroll through the different symbols on the active watchlist by tapping on the next/prev buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • To switch symbols you can either tap on the symbol or click on the search icon at the top; add the symbol to the watchlist by clicking on the “star” icon. Easy peasy!
  • Switch chart type from the bottom right of the screen to open any 6 chart types; to include Raindrop® Charts

TrendSpider Mobile app charts and full-screen functionality.

Selecting Time Frames

In the full-screen mode, just click on the “time frame” button on the bottom left for a list of available time frames. From here you can also choose from “single” or “multiple” time frames on the tab at the top of the menu. 

TrendSpider Mobile app time frames.

Customizing and Modifying Indicators

With your selected time frame on the chart, the fun begins with adding indicators. You will find a list of all of the indicators you have in your Mobile Workspace on the web version of the TrendSpider Mobile Companion App. Access the list, at the top of the chart by clicking on the “expand indicator” list (click again to collapse the list). To add an indicator to your chart, just click on it, and there it is ready to go. To add or customize any of the indicators in the list, simply click on the “three dots” to access the preference menu. All of the options available on the web version are accessible on the mobile app. 

TrendSpider Mobile app customizing and modifying indicators.

The Dev team at TrendSpider has been hard at work day and night to finally bring what we believe to be the fastest, most stable, charting app to the trading community. We hope that this addition will be of much use to everyone so that we can now “trade like they trade” on the go!