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08/23/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Improved Chart Zoom, Pan, and Scale Controls

Hello Everyone! We are happy to bring you another software update to the TrendSpider platform in the Quality of Life category. TrendSpider now supports manual chart movement, panning, and, on mobile, pinch zooming is better and more natural than ever before.

This update is subdivided into two parts. We’ll start with Mobile.


  • You can now pan the chart window on the mobile app with one finger.
  • You can now pinch-zoom the vertical axis on mobile with a two-finger pinch.

TrendSpider Mobile pan and pinch-zoom added.


As it relates to the desktop web platform, we have also applied the same updates.

  • You may now freely manipulate the position of the chart simply by click-hold and dragging it around.
  • To reset the position of the chart, you can double click on the Time Axis (bottom) to reset the time scale, or the Price Axis (right side) to reset the price scale. Double-clicking will bring you back to a full zoomed-out view showing a maximum of 640 or so candles on one screen. You can easily drag to the right if you wish to see past history.

Click and hold to drag chart on the desktop in TrendSpider.

We hope that this update will improve your workflow and make it easier for you to interact with the mobile app or workstation chart window with one hand or click. We hope that this minor upgrade adds more value to the user experience while using TrendSpider. Thank you.