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07/12/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Four New Scanner Templates

Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce a new release of TrendSpider’s “Spider Scans”. These prebuilt scanners are designed to provide you with real-world scanners that can find assets, but also to show you examples of how to create conditions in the TrendSpider code-less scripting system.

In this release, we are announcing four new pre-built scanner example script templates for you to enjoy. You can access any of these new scanners by using #sample or searching them by name in the Market Scanner sidebar!

Four new scanner templates added to TrendSpider.

  • Today’s Gainers (10% or more): Find any asset that has gained 10% or more since today’s open. 
  • Today’s Losers (5% or more): Find any asset that has lost 5% or more since today’s open.
  • Vortex Bullish Extreme: Looks for potentially extreme oversold conditions where the Vortex indicator’s positive and negative lines are 50% or greater with the positive line being below the negative line.  Attempts to identify an extreme  Vortex scenario that is suggestive of a bounce in the upward direction.
  • Vortex Bearish Extreme: Exactly the same as the Bullish version except the + must be 50% or higher than the – on the Vortex. This attempts to find assets where the Vortex indicator is signaling extreme conditions that may suggest an upcoming pullback. 

We hope everyone enjoys this update to our constantly growing TrendSpider library of pre-built scanners and they are a benefit toward helping you to grow your portfolio.