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06/02/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Enhanced Watchlist Management

Today we are excited to roll out a substantial quality of life upgrade for Watchlist management through the “Favorites” icon. We hope this will be an intuitive upgrade to the way you manage symbols you are keeping track of, save you time, and help you make better trading decisions!

Enhanced Watchlist Management

As you are probably well aware, you can add or remove any asset open in your chart window to the watchlist selected on your righthand side via the “Favorites” icon. This icon is located to the right of the symbols box. With today’s enhancements, traders can now add the asset in their chart window to multiple watchlists without repeating the function over and over or copying in a string of text in multiple watchlist menus.

New favorites icon for watchlist management in TrendSpider.

Walkthrough Video

Watch as TrendSpider CEO Dan Ushman walks through the new Favorites icon functionality.

How To Use: TrendSpiders's Enhanced Watchlist Features