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03/15/2022 |

Software Update: Enhanced Mobile Sharing

Hello Everyone, and welcome to a new software update from TrendSpider. In this update, we introduce a new native sharing feature to our mobile application. Details after the jump!

We have updated our mobile applications for iOS and Android devices to take advantage of the OS-based sharing functionality. Here’s how it works.

  • Take note of the new Camera icon on the top right corner of TrendSpider Mobile. When pressed, it will locally generate a screenshot that matches what you have on your chart, and send the image to your mobile OS’s native sharing feature.

  • From here, you’re able to share the image directly from the mobile application without being forced to take a screenshot of it manually. Just choose where you want to send the image, and the chart will be shared there. That’s it!

We know this is a small update, but please stay tuned as we have more updates coming soon. Enjoy!