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08/13/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Custom Color Preference Upgrade

Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce yet another software upgrade to add to your personalization experience on TrendSpider. You can now add and save up to five custom colors with the color preference picker.

Add and save up to five custom colors with the color preference picker in TrendSpider.

To access the custom color picker, simply double-click on any custom drawing on the chart to open the color selector preference options, or to personalize your chart window, select the gear icon to the right of the timeframe button.

Each time you input a custom color using its hex symbol (or selecting from the color palette), you can add that color to your custom color list by clicking on the custom color sample box next to the hex input field.

In addition, traders can now input hex codes without the “#” symbol. Save up to 5 colors of your choice! You can apply any of the custom colors to any of the custom drawing tools, backgrounds, or candlesticks options available on the platform.

Note: Your custom color list will be saved in your browser’s storage cache on your local computer and will not be available across different devices.