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12/01/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Crypto News Feeds for Sidebar and Scanners

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another software update from TrendSpider. Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of cryptocurrency news to the platform. More information after the jump.

We have added a new data feed to the TrendSpider platform that covers cryptocurrency news and events. This data feed is available for use in several key areas of the TrendSpider platform.

Sidebar News Widget

The sidebar news widget will now automatically display cryptocurrency market news when you are looking at a cryptocurrency asset. If the news widget is open, it will automatically display news information that is relevant to the cryptocurrency you are watching.

Market Scanner

The Market Scanner now supports scanning on news-based conditions against cryptocurrency assets in addition to the previous capability to scan against news events for public equities. This means you may scan and generate smart watchlists that contain news-based criteria for crypto assets now.

The Smart Checklist

You may also use the Smart Checklist capability in TrendSpider to indicate whether or not a particular crypto asset has had a news event in the past with specific keywords in it.

We hope you enjoy this update. Stay tuned, a lot more still to come!

Crypto News Feeds Added for Sidebar and Scanners in TrendSpider.