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09/08/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Channel Drawing Tool Added

Hello everyone! We are back with a highly requested drawing tool suite update to the TrendSpider platform.

Channel Drawing Tool Added

In today’s update, we present the new “Channel” drawing tool. Access this in the drawing tools panel on the left of your chart window, or use hotkey ALT-N and channel away! To customize the color or stroke of your Channel drawing, draw one then double-click it to access its property panel.

Channel Drawing Tool added in TrendSpider.

Channel Drawing Tool Customization

Like all drawing tools offered in TrendSpider, the Channel drawing tool can be cutomized and saved for quick access. To add a custom channel:

  1. ALT-N or select the channel drawing tool to draw one on your chart.
  2. Double click the annotation to open its properties.
  3. Customize drawing to desired colors and stroke.
  4. Bottom left of your properties window select > Custom Annotation > Save My Custom Annotation.
  5. To access this custom annotation use Hotkey ALT-1,2,3,4 ect. or select it from the drawing tools pannel.

Channel Drawing Tool customization settings in TrendSpider.

Enjoy this highly requested drawing tool update!