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07/09/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New Options for Drawings and Colors

Hello Everyone! Another day, another software update. Today, we present a small update that enhances the drawing tools in the platform as well as the appearance of your indicators.

In this update, we release two new features.

Rectangle Drawing Update

First, we have updated the drawing tool for creating rectangle and square drawings on your chart with a new set of options designed to give you more control over the appearance of these drawings. Specifically, we have added the ability to create a border around the rectangle and control its appearance.

Rectangle border settings in TrendSpider.

The following options are new:

  • Border checkbox
  • Border color
  • Border stroke thickness

As a recap, this is in addition to other options that already existed before this update:

  • Color of box background
  • Opacity of box background
  • Font size for any text added to the box
  • Extend to the right – which will force the box you draw to take the entire width of the chart screen
  • Font size control
  • Lock figure option – which prevents the drawing from being moved visually on the chart to prevent repositioning or resizing once it is created
  • Label text – which allows you to input text that will be displayed on or around the box
  • Text alignment – which controls the placement of text
  • Visibility options for different timeframes

Color Selector Update

We have updated the color selection feature across the platform to give you more control over the appearance of custom drawings as well as your indicators. Previously, TrendSpider provided several dozen color choices. Now, you will have a great deal more choice when selecting colors with the addition of over 100 new color choices. Here is what the new color selection widget looks like.

Color Selector Update in TrendSpider.

Please note: the bottom row of colors in the widget is special because it contains all of the default system colors that TrendSpider’s default configuration uses. You also have the ability to input the HTML code of a custom color if you choose. This new color selector is available system-wide in a variety of areas, including when customizing drawings (rays, trendlines, segments, fibs, and anything else) as well as when customizing the appearance of your indicators.

We know this update is small – but we hope it will help make your charting experience in TrendSpider better in the future. Stay tuned, as larger, more interesting updates are coming soon!