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06/08/2022 |

TrendSpider Software Update: ARK Holdings Watchlists

Hey everybody! We’re excited to announce that we’ve added some cool new watchlists to the platform: ARK Holdings lists. Details after the jump!

If you trade tech stocks, you’ve most certainly heard of Cathie Woods and her ARK funds as they’ve been bellweathers for the entire space for some time. Now, with our new ‘ARK Holdings’ watchlists, you can easily track her every move.

ARK Holdings Watchlists in TrendSpider.

How to Access Lists

In order to access these new lists, simply click the sidebar button, then ‘add new widget’, choose ‘watchlist or scanner’ and then in the search bar at the top of the watchlists, type ‘ARK’.

Searching for ARK Holdings Watchlists in TrendSpider.

Note there are now watchlists for all of the ARK funds, including:

  • ARKF
  • ARKG
  • ARKK
  • ARKQ
  • ARKW
  • ARKX
  • CTRU
  • IZRL
  • PRNT

There is one additional list that includes ‘All’ names held by ARK.

Users can utilize these watchlists the same way they would any watchlist. In addition, any ARK list can be used within the scanner, turning a ticker’s appearance on one of these lists into a requirement for a scan.

For example, you can define that a ticker appeared in any ARK list using the criteria in the image below.

Scanning with ARK Holdings Watchlists in TrendSpider.

We hope you find these new lists helpful, and we look forward to expanding on them in the future!