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07/18/2019 |

Raindrop Case Studies – CMTA Raindrop Presentation

Raindrops are a very unique feature on the TrendSpider platform that allows users to visualize volume flow throughout a time period. This is very useful to see where supply and demand areas are throughout the day and how that has reacted with price action. In the video below, I will go over 3 quick case studies looking at some of the most useful Raindrop formations we have found so far.

CMT Association Presentation by Founders Dan and Jake 

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Read the Raindrop whitepaper here

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REMEMBER: These are charts that have interesting technical setups based on automated technical indicator analysis included. Charts and analysis provided for educational reasons only. TRENDSPIDER IS A CHART ANALYSIS PLATFORM. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE TRADING OR INVESTING ADVICE. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE USING MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND/OR SEEK THE ADVICE OF A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TRADING OR INVESTING. Please read our full risk disclaimer on our website by clicking here.