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08/14/2018 |

Media Release: TrendSpider Announces Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Price Alerts

CHICAGO, IL — TrendSpider, a Chicago-based Fintech startup announced today that it has launched Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Alerts. With Dynamic Chart Monitoring, traders can instruct TrendSpider to automatically monitor any trendline or indicator for them, and alert them when the price touches, breaches, or bounces from it. Unlike other price alerts, TrendSpider can follow the waveform of a moving average or the slope of a trendline without manual adjustment of any kind. Set it and forget it.

TrendSpider uses machine learning and AI to identify key trendlines, Fibonacci levels, breakout points, candlestick formations, and more, on-demand, automatically, in milliseconds. This frees the trader from staring at charts waiting for setups to materialize, so they can instead research new trade opportunities and execute existing trade plans, or just go for a walk in the park.

“Every trader I knew, including myself, spends huge amounts of time prepping to trade each day,” says founder Dan Ushman, “Wake up at 5am, find a list of stocks, go through each one by hand, pull up the charts, look for trendlines, flip through timeframes, all to try and find a trade setup you like. Then you stare at it for hours waiting for the price to enter your buy zone, or get distracted and miss your opportunity. It’s tedious and it’s often inaccurate because it relies on tired human eyes to get it right every time. With TrendSpider, you can crunch 50 charts in the time it would take to do 2-3 by hand and your analysis will be more precise. This will enable traders to spend more time making trades and less time staring at a screen like a zombie.”

TrendSpider supports real-time data for a wide range of tradable securities, including all US equities & ETFs, over 300 cryptocurrency pairs, and over 900 Forex pairs.

About TrendSpider

TrendSpideris the world’s first fully automated, all-in-one dynamic chart technical analysis software for active day and swing traders. After two years of development, TrendSpider launched its platform in March 2018, attracting over 3,000 active traders since then, with 980 joining in July. For interested traders, TrendSpider offers a 5-day free trial on its real-time PRO and ELITE trader packages, which range from $25 to $50 per month, as well as a 100% free Beginner plan (with delayed data.) In addition to Automated Technical Analysis and Dynamic Chart Monitoring, TrendSpider also publishes an active blog called “A Better Way To TA,” which features a range of posts curated by trading professionals to help new traders learn about technical analysis while becoming more efficient and effective in their daily activities at