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07/08/2021 |

Media Release: The All-New TrendSpider Mobile App

CHICAGOJuly 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TrendSpider, a leading developer of enterprise-class technical analysis software for retail investors, today announced the release of their mobile companion app, bringing game-changing Raindrop Charts®, Dynamic Price Alerts, and more to a trader’s smartphone for the first time. In the new mobile app, traders can analyze charts, identify trends, manage watch lists, receive alerts and access a plethora of other tools designed to empower them to make faster, better trading decisions, even when they are away from their terminal. The TrendSpider mobile companion app was released for Android and iOS devices on July 6, 2021...”

Full article here.

Download the Mobile App

  • If you are an Apple iPhone user, please click here to download the app from the official Apple/iPhone App Store
  • If you are a Google Android user, please click here to download the app from the official Android/Google Play Store

Full discription of TrendSpider’s Companion Mobile App can be found here.

Introducing the TrendSpider Mobile Companion for Android and iOS!