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10/02/2018 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Add Some Cushion to Your Alerts

TrendSpider is happy to announce a new feature created to make your life a little easier when trading. Have you ever had an alert set (either a mental alert or actual alert on TrendSpider) that the price missed by only a few cents and you completely missed the price reversal or either a buy or sell? We know how you feel…  That is why we created the “Sensitivity Control” feature for our Dynamic Price Alerts which allows users to add a margin of error or “cushion” to their alerts. See what we mean by checking out the video below!

Add Some “Cushion” to Your Trade

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Decrease Alert Sensitivity

This image shows how to decrease the sensitivity of the alert so you can have a “cushion” if the price doesn’t get exactly to the trendline.

Decrease alert sensitivity in TrendSpider.

Increase Alert Sensitivity

If you are one that likes more conviction of price action, you may look for a more specific area to watch. In this case, just move the sensitivity bar to the left to increase the sensitivity of the price alert area (purple shaded).

Increase alert sensitivity in TrendSpider.