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10/02/2018 |

New TrendSpider Feature: Add Some Cushion to Your Alerts!

TrendSpider is happy to announce a new feature created to make your life a little easier when trading. Have you ever had an alert set (either a mental alert or actual alert on TrendSpider) that the price missed by only a few cents and you completely missed the price reversal or either a buy or sell? We know how you feel…  That is why we created the “Sensitivity Control” feature for our Dynamic Price Alerts which allows users to add a margin of error or “cushion” to their alerts. See what we mean by checking out the video below!

Add some “Cushion” to your Trade

Figure 1: This image shows how to lower the sensitivity of the alert so you can have a “cushion” if the price doesn’t get exactly to the trendline. 

Figure 2: If you are one that like’s more conviction of price action, you may look for a more specific area to watch. In this case, just move the sensitivity bar to the left to increase the sensitivity of the price alert area (purple shaded). 


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