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06/14/2022 |

New Brokerage Partnership: Cobra Trading

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce Cobra Trading as our next partner in the new TrendSpider Broker Program! What does this mean for you? Details after the jump!

TrendSpider/Cobra Trading Partnership Offer. Fund a Cobra account, get complimentary TrendSpider access.

TrendSpider/Cobra Trading Partnership Offer

  • 25% OFF Equity Commissions for Life
  • 1 Month FREE Software
    • After the first month, the Software Fee is waived if the Volume threshold is met
  • 3 Months FREE TrendSpider
    • After three months, the Software Fee is waived if the Volume threshold is met

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Learn more about the TrendSpider Elite Plan

What is Cobra Trading?

Cobra Trading offers sophisticated trading tools and unparalleled support to competitive day traders who want to capitalize on every opportunity by trading faster and more efficiently. Unlike other online brokers, we are committed to the idea that a highly proactive and responsive Support Team can be the secret weapon for elite traders with aggressive strategies. Since 2004, we’ve been perfecting our product and providing our clients with an unrivaled high-touch service!

2022 Benzinga Award – Best Short Locate Broker for Accounts over $25K

The Cobra Trading Mission

“Our mission is to provide active traders the highest level of service, systems and trade support at a very competitive price.” -CHADD HESSING, CEO

Cobra Trading Requirements

  • Domestic & International Applicants Welcomed
  • Minimum to open a PDT account for United States residents:  $27,000
  • Minimum to open a PDT account for Non-United States residents:  $30,000

What separates Cobra Trading from the rest?

  • Customized Commissions designed for the Active Trader
    • Software Fees waived for the Active Trader
    • No Commission Minimums
    • Equities Rates as low as $0.0015 per Share (Volume based)
    • Options Rates as low as $0.30 per Contract (Volume based)
    • Trade High-Volume? Give us a call 877-792-6272
  • Enhanced Short Locate Service
    • Multiple e-Locate Sources via the Frontend Trading Platform
    • Multiple Backend Short Locate Sources available through our Brokers over Live Chat or Phone
    • Access to Small Cap/HTB Inventory
    • Low/Competitive up-front Locate Fees
    • No Overnight Multipliers on Locates held overnight
    • Free Locates via Live Chat, when available
  • Advanced Order Routing
    • Wide Range of Execution Venues and Order Types
    • Direct Market Access Trading for improved executions.
    • Client-centric Rebates and ECN/Exchange Fees
    • Multi-Asset Trading
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Every phone call on the first few rings. No phone queues. No automated answering service during market hours.
    • Live Chat via the Cobra website, answered by our Licensed Brokers
    • All Cobra Support are in-house Licensed Brokers, never outsourced