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06/14/2024 |

Musk Gets Paid: Tesla Shareholders Approve Pay Package

This is a picture of Elon Musk.

A Renewed Vote of Confidence

Tesla shareholders voted Thursday to restore CEO Elon Musk’s record $44.9 billion pay package that was thrown out by a Delaware judge earlier this year, signaling a strong vote of confidence in his leadership. However, the favorable vote doesn’t necessarily mean that Musk will get the all-stock compensation anytime soon. The package is likely to remain tied up in the Delaware Chancery Court and Supreme Court for months as Tesla tries to overturn the judge’s rejection. Despite challenges, Musk reassured shareholders that he will stick around, emphasizing his long-term commitment to the company.

Legal and Financial Challenges

Chancellor Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick ruled in January that Musk essentially controlled the Tesla board when it ratified the package in 2018, failing to fully inform shareholders. Tesla has said it would appeal, but asked shareholders to reapprove the package at Thursday’s annual meeting. Legal experts are divided on whether the new ratification will influence the court’s decision. Despite these legal hurdles, Musk’s pay package remains a contentious issue, highlighting the ongoing legal battle and its implications for Tesla’s governance.

Future Prospects and Investor Sentiment

Despite the company’s struggles with falling sales and profit margins, Musk’s vision for Tesla’s future remains focused on autonomous vehicles, robots, and artificial intelligence. Shareholders showed strong support, driving the company’s shares up 3% by market close. Musk’s assurances about the development of the “Full Self-Driving” system and progress on the Optimus humanoid robot were well-received. The vote not only reflects confidence in Musk’s leadership but also underscores the importance of his role in Tesla’s ambitious future plans.