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02/27/2024 |

Master Inter-Market Analysis with TrendSpider Dashboards

The markets are multidimensional and interdependent. It’s as important to deeply understand the asset you’re trading as it is to be aware of the underlying currents flowing between other assets and sectors. To thrive, you need to be able to see the whole board, not just the next move, and you deserve tools that help you do so. It’s with this belief that we’re pleased to bring you Dashboards, your very own command center for monitoring the markets.

  • Visualize every data point that matters to you
  • Create a central hub for all of your favorite TrendSpider tools
  • Monitor all your best ideas at once

Dashboards are a new style of workspace, and we now offer traders access to up to 15 unique workspaces, compared to the previous limit of 6. Whether you’re interested in tracking a specific group of tickers, a precise set of metrics, or just want to create a database for your favorite TrendSpider tools, Dashboards are your one-stop-shop for deep inter-market analysis. Details after the jump!

This is the header image for the dashboards blog.

What Is A Dashboard?

So, what exactly is a Dashboard? Think of it as your very own command center for monitoring the markets. Dashboards are designed to give you a comprehensive view of all the technical and fundamental data you need within a single screen. You can create unique Dashboards for every set of market interests you might have. Dedicate one dashboard specifically to the tickers you trade every day, another to the most important fundamental data you track, and still another to all of your favorite scanners. The possibilities are endless!

Dashboard Widgets Give You A 360 Degree Market View

Inside each Dashboard, you’ll find a fully customizable set of widgets. Whatever your trading style or area of interest, there’s a widget, or set of widgets, to suit your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the widgets that are available in Dashboards:

  • Charts: Visualize price movements and technical indicators for multiple stocks simultaneously.
  • Watch Lists and Scanners: Keep an eye on your favorite stocks and set up custom scans to find new trading opportunities.
  • Alerts: Stay informed about price movements, technical signals, and other market events.
  • Bots: Manage and monitor your automated trading strategies.
  • Unusual Options: Identify potential market anomalies and unusual options activity.
  • News: Stay up-to-date with the latest market news and developments.
  • Dividends, Splits, Earnings, and Insider Trades: Track corporate actions and earnings announcements for your portfolio stocks.
  • Analyst Estimates: Access analyst forecasts and consensus estimates for key financial metrics.

Dashboards Are Customizable and Flexible

One of the most exciting aspects of Dashboards is their flexibility. You can create and manage multiple Dashboards within your account, tailoring each one to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Each Dashboard is divided into named sections, with customizable titles and rows of widgets. You have complete control over the layout, allowing you to arrange widgets exactly the way you want them. Whether you prefer a streamlined view or a more detailed layout, Dashboards can accommodate your preferences.

  • 1. Define up to 10 columns per section using the dropdown menu.
  • 2. Retitle each section of your dashboard to make analysis across sections easier.
  • 3. Use the + sign to add widgets to rows.
  • 4. Use the ‘Add Content’ button to add additional rows to each section or additional sections.

This is an image of the example dashboard you will see when you open one for the first time. You can make edits to it via the numbered items visualized in the image and explained in the above bullet points.

Concepts To Get You Started

Ready to dive into Dashboards and take control of your market monitoring experience? Getting started is easy! Simply log in to your TrendSpider account and navigate to the Dashboards button.

This is an image of the Dashboards button in the top right corner of the platform view.
From there, you can create a new Dashboard and add widgets to customize it to your exact specs. Need some ideas to help get you started? We’ve got you covered.

The Magnificent 7

Few names affect the market more than the ones found in the Magnificent 7, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on their every move.

In the dashboard pictured below, we utilized all seven charts at the top, allowing us a quick view of the current performance of each asset. Below that, Unusual Options and News feeds give us a real-time view of the flow in tandem with the important updates across the squawk box. As an additional layer of surveillance, we include Analyst Estimates, Insider Trades, and Earnings feeds so that we can’t get thrown off guard by a change of tone from the pros on the street or a big insider buy or sell.

This is an image of a dashboard dedicated to tracking the Magnificent Seven stocks. At the top are all of the individual charts. Below that, Unusual Options and News filtered out for each name, and finally, analyst estimates, insider actions, and earnings data filtered for each name.

The Idea Generator

With so many opportunities out there every day, it can sometimes be difficult to hone in on what’s working right now. With this dashboard, we’ve taken the power of the Market Scanner and multiplied it 15x.

At the top, we utilize a group of percentage-based scanners to quickly hunt down the top gainers and losers, names that are well above yesterday’s close or today’s open, as well as names that are within range of their 52-week high. Below that, we take advantage of TrendSpider Chart Pattern recognition to find all the names currently breaking out and breaking down from our favorite pattern setups. Finally, in the last row, we utilize a set of scanners that look for various reversal opportunities based on MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and VWAP divergences.

This is an image of the 'Idea Generator' dashboard, which focuses on scans that look for specific percentage moves, pattern breakouts and breakdowns, as well as multiple indicator reversals.

The Fundamental Fanboy

For some traders, fundamentals are key to their analysis. In this example dashboard, we have a streaming list of tickers with recent earnings surprises, dividend payouts, and news at the top. Below that, two scanners looking for all recent analyst buy upgrades and sell downgrades, as well as an additional list showing both in order of most recent. Finally, at the bottom, charts of tickers from the recent EPS surprise list at the top.

This is an image of the 'Fundamental Fanboy' dashboard, which features EPS surprises, dividends, and news at the top. In the middle, we see recent analyst buy upgrades and sell downgrades. At the bottom, three charts of names that have recently had EPS surprises.


With Dashboards, we’re putting the power of market analysis and monitoring directly in your hands. Say goodbye to cluttered screens and disjointed data – with Dashboards, everything you need is neatly organized and easily accessible.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your TrendSpider account today and start exploring the possibilities with Dashboards. Your personalized market control center awaits! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom right corner of your platform screen.