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02/04/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit – With Rachel (VS Options Trading): Looking at the Markets Into February 2021

In this special segment, we had the founder of VS Options, Rachel, a self-taught trader with a background in finance, share with us how she profits through trading options contracts and how her style of TA helps her to achieve this.

Racheal’s company, VS Options, is making waves in the community by supporting new traders with education on chart analysis, understanding fundamentals, and the unique aspects of options trading which may be a barrier for some. We were very pleased to host one of the growing number of women who have joined the financial markets and are finding success.

Looking at the Markets Into February 2021 With Rachel, Founder of VSOptions

Show Notes

Rachel and Jake go over the following tickers on the weekly and monthly side of things for:

  • $MSFT
  • $SLV
  • $NVDA
  • $CRM
  • $TWTR