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04/27/2020 |

Lessons From Volatility Masters – Trading During the Pandemic 2020

To say the last few months were a challenging trading environment would be a massive understatement. It has been a long time since the markets were this volatile – ripe with opportunities, but quick to change directions and whipsaw traders.

Enjoy this virtual event featuring some amazing speakers to discuss Trading During the Pandemic of 2020. Learn from their mistakes and successes!

Event Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Presenter 1: Brian Shannon
  • Presenter 2: Greg Krupinski
  • Presenter 3: JC Parets
  • Presenter 4: Rob Smith
  • Main Event: Bear vs Bull Equities – Jerremy Newsome | TraderAmogh
  • Main Event: State Of The Markets – NebraskaGooner | Austin Silver

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Lessons From Volatility Masters - Trading During The Pandemic 2020