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08/30/2023 |

Labor Day Sale: Save Up To 65% On TrendSpider

Hello, Traders, and a very happy Labor Day weekend to you all. To celebrate all of your hard work this year, we’re very happy to offer an incredible deal on your favorite trading software; Up to 65% off, but you’ll have to act fast because this deal steps down every day. Details after the jump!

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Ahhh, Labor Day weekend: that sweet, sweet time when you bid adieu to summer with one last epic BBQ bash. It’s your pat on the back for all that 24/7 grinding you’ve been up to. You’ve worked hard! You deserve this.

While you’re simultaneously juggling grilling duties, keeping the margs flowing, and making sure your kids don’t crack their heads running around the pool, we know you’ve also got one eye on your portfolio! Multi-tasking, amirite!?

If you…

  • Hustle 9-to-5, but dream of chart patterns during those dull meetings about meetings
  • Want to set your trading strategies into motion with Trading Bots but need it in plain English because, let’s be real, who knows how to write code?
  • Are already a successful trader or investor and just want to ditch the ten apps you currently juggle to get your daily dose of market data

TrendSpider is the only All-In-One toolkit built for retail and professional traders, alike. Our advanced tools are your eyes and ears on the market while you focus on the day-to-day of your real job, that is, until you’re so profitable that you don’t have to anymore!

Deal Details

From Wednesday, August 30th 12:00 AM CST – Monday, September 4th 11:59 PM CST 

  • Up to 65% off Elite Plus
  • Up to 55% off Elite
  • Up to 25% off Essential

This is a step-down offer. Every day, the discount is reduced by 1%. To get the best deal, sign up right now

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