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02/13/2020 |

Introducing TrendSpider University: Learn How to TrendSpider Like a Pro!

I’m very honored and pleased to introduce the first iteration of our education program designed to help traders, market technicians, and analysts learn the ins and outs of the TrendSpider platform. TrendSpider U, as we affectionately call it internally, is a collection of resources designed to help you become an expert in the product. This is really important to me because after years of doing this, one thing has become clear: there is a learning curve to the TrendSpider platform; and it is easier to overcome for some traders and harder for others. To that end, we have compiled a wide range of materials and services for you to learn from. Here is a little bit of what TrendSpider U has to offer.


  • Self-educate by watching our Foundations Video course. This video course is comprised of just 7 videos, with the average video running for about 15 minutes. They cover everything from the basics of the interface and location of key buttons and tools, to the nuances of customizing your chart layout and interface and creating advanced alerts. The video courses are broken out into 7 separate sections comprised of the following topics:
    • Introduction & Basics (16 minutes, 50 seconds)
    • Charting and Automated Analysis (16 minutes, 15 seconds)
    • Dynamic and Multi-Factor Alerts (15 minutes, 55 seconds)
    • Market Scanner (12 minutes, 50 seconds)
    • Strategy Tester (12 minutes, 11 seconds)
    • Speciality Indicators (12 minutes, 48 seconds)
    • Wrapping it all up – using all the tools together (12 minutes, 39 seconds.)


  • Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time to get more in depth. To that end, we offer 3 repeating webinar classes geared at giving you a deeper, more granular understanding of the platform. These include the following courses.
    • TrendSpider Basic Training. This course covers a wide range of topics, including: Interface, Automated Analysis, Watch lists, Indicators, Customization, Drawing on charts and more.
    • TrendSpider Intermediate Training. This course covers the following topics: Advanced trendline customization, Raindrop Charts, Anchored VWAP, Anchored Volume-by-Price, Basic Dynamic Price Alerts and more.
    • TrendSpider Advanced Training. This course covers the more advanced and nuanced aspects of the platform, including but not limited to: Templates and scripts, Multi-factor and multi-timeframe alert conditions, Strategy development, refinement and testing, Market scanning, Advanced system customization and more.


  • Once you have mastered all the basics, and are ready to dive into building custom strategies, custom trendline detection formulas, or are interested in help developing scripts for backtesting, alerts or scanning, there is one more step to take – signup for your own 1 on 1 End User Training Session. 1 on 1 training is great – you get up to an hour at a time alone with one of our team members on a conference call and screen share session. We’ll answer any detailed questions you have, help you customize settings, or anything else to help you get value from TrendSpider.

Hopefully this article and the resources I mention in it help you get more out of TrendSpider. Happy trading!