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02/06/2024 |

Introducing: The Reimagined TrendSpider Mobile App

The markets are always in flux. There’s something exciting happening every moment of the day, and we’re happy to announce that now you can be completely locked into the action no matter where you are.

  • Monitor charts with complex and customizable analysis tools
  • Hunt down opportunities with enhanced watchlists and discovery screens
  • Stay looped in on the go with market event tracking

The tools that you’ve come to rely on within the desktop version of TrendSpider can now be found in the palm of your hand via the all-new, reimagined TrendSpider Mobile Application available now in the App Store and Google Play. Details after the jump!

This is the header image for the new app announcement blog post.

The Key Changes

This new iteration of the TrendSpider Mobile Application isn’t just an upgrade; It’s a complete transformation that redefines the functionality and potential at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at the key changes.

  • Distinct Chart Screens
  • Customizable Charts
  • One-Click Data Navigation
  • Enhanced Watchlists and Discovery Screens
  • Advanced Filtering for Unusual Options, Insider Transactions, Analyst Estimates, and more

By separating your charts and watchlists onto distinct screens, you’re now free to zoom into the chart details of the right name at the right time.

This is an image that shows the separation of charts and watchlists. Pictured on the left is the 'falling wedge break out' watchlist while on the right we see a chart of a name within that list.

The auto-analysis tools you’ve grown to love on the web platform, like auto-trends and auto-fibs, candlestick pattern and chart pattern recognition, have all been built directly into the app to help aid in your on-chart analysis.

In this image, we see the auto analysis tools that are available on the mobile app. This includes auto trend lines, auto fibs, auto candlestick patterns and auto chart patterns.
For increased ease in your workflow, click any name in your watchlist to automatically direct to every data point for that name, including Unusual Options, Earnings, News, Seasonality, Insider Trades, and more.

This is an image that shows the data menu that's linked directly to your watchlist symbols. Click a symbol in your watchlist and you'll see a dropdown menu that will direct you to all of the data types that are available for that name, from unusual options to insider trades, analyst estimates, news and more.
You can now create and manage watch lists directly within the app. Self-curated and prebuilt scanners become active watchlists that allow you to identify your ideal setup, hunt for the strongest stocks in the market, or just see what names are getting the most attention right now.

In this image, we see two shared watchlists that are available in the new app; one that shows today's top gainers and one that shows the top mentioned names on wall street bets today.
With real-time discovery screens, you can monitor the highest conviction Unusual Options orders, the latest analyst upgrades and downgrades, or just track the most important news from the names you love to follow.

In this image, we see unusual options and news data within the mobile app. Both are filterable for a number of criteria like 'position size' and 'open interest' in the case of unusual options and 'keywords' in the case of news.

Utilize advanced filtering capabilities to pinpoint the accuracy and importance of the data you receive within your discovery screens. Each screen offers multiple filtering mechanics to fine-tune your search and yield only the information that’s most important to you.

This image shows the filtering capabilities of discovery screen. Each screen comes equipped with multiple filtering options to which allow you to drill down and find specifically what you're looking for.

Market Trends, Granular Insights, and Position Management

  • Seasonality and Smart Checklists
  • Trading Bot Management

With granular insights into hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trends, Seasonality data allows you to understand exactly when the market is positioned to work with your trade idea, not against it. And with an easy-to-read red light/green light display, your Smart Checklist does your visual analysis for you; monitoring your chart on any set of time frames for the technical and non-technical criteria you require. When Seasonality and your Smart Checklist align, you’re hot on the trail of your next monster trade.

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to miss a moment of action. Once a Trading Bot has been deployed it can be monitored directly from the app. If you see something on the chart that’s giving you cold feet, stop the bot with one click.

This image shows the trading bot controls in the new mobile app. You can now monitor and and manage your active bots.

Off The Charts Opportunities

On-chart analysis is a fundamental component for any trader, but under the hood, there’s a sea of data that can influence the way that markets move.

  • Unusual Options Analysis
  • Analyst Estimate Sorting
  • Insider Activity Monitoring
  • News-Based Discovery

Harness your inner whale watcher and follow the big money on the Options chain. Filters can be applied to pinpoint the specifics of your feed. Make them as simple asSPY/QQQ Sweeps > $1M’ or as complex as ‘Out-of-the-money puts with a premium greater than $500k executed below the bid’. Perhaps a new analyst rating will come in tandem with a large Unusual Options order, giving extra conviction to your idea.

Few know more about the inner workings of a company than its insiders, and now you can track their buys and sells as they hit the tape. Watch your news feed to see who’s buying their stock when it dips and who’s selling when things are getting eurphoric.

Understanding a company’s financials can play a big role in assessing the future potential of its stock price. Filter earnings data to see which companies have real financial strength and which are simply full of hot air.


This is a button that takes you to the new TrendSpider mobile app in the Google Play store.

This is a button that takes you to the new TrendSpider mobile app in the App store.

This update marks a fundamental shift in your ability to do technical analysis on the go, but it’s just the beginning of what we plan to bring to your pocket. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of your chart view.