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11/03/2020 |

Introducing $RICH – TrendSpider’s First Hip-Hop Single & Music Video!

$RICH - TrendSpider's First Hip-Hop Single & Music Video.A few months ago, I had the crazy idea to produce a hip-hop track and music video about the early stages of most new day trader’s journey in the markets. To explore the initial euphoria and overconfidence and the ultimate reckoning when reality sets in and the new trader realizes that this just ain’t as easy as he/she thinks. We thought that using music and humor to convey the realities of trading would be an effective way to spread a good message, and give the online trading community a little break from the election and markets.



(pronounced “Money Sign Rich”)
Music by Gee Smiff. Animation by Koff Animation. Production by TrendSpider.

$RICH by TrendSpider, Gee Smiff and Koff Animation

Our goal with $RICH was to communicate, in relatable terms, that trading is a game anyone can play – if only they study and practice. Too many new traders enter the game expecting to get rich quick only to get washed out in weeks or months. As experienced traders, we know this – but how many of us did when we first started? What draws people into the market is the dream of success… not a vision of what it will take to get there. We made this video and song because we wanted to find a way to communicate that point. We hope it is effective at doing that and we hope that you enjoy it.

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  • Music by Gee Smiff
  • Video and animation by Koff Animation
  • Production, planning, and coordination by the TrendSpider marketing team (Dan, Brad, Jake, Thilo, Jonathan, and Parker)
  • Special thanks to everyone who provided counsel, feedback, and advice during the production process. There were many people who took an early look. Thank you for the encouragement along the way during this project.