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01/19/2019 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Heatmaps with Horizontal S/R Levels and More

TrendSpider is happy to announce S/R heatmaps are available once again on the platform with the ability to choose between Horizontal, Depth, and Trends preferences. To learn more about the new location of this feature on the chart and how to choose between the three, click to continue reading!

Turn on Your S/R Heat Maps Quickly and Effortlessly

Step-by-Step Video

User Guide: Heatmaps

Step 1: Turn “Heatmaps” Feature On

Turn on Heatmaps in TrendSpider.

Step 2: Choose “Heatmap” Preferences

Heatmap Preferences in TrendSpider.

A Look at All Three Heatmaps

Horizontal Heatmap

Horizontal Heatmap in TrendSpider.

Depth Heatmap

Depth Heatmap in TrendSpider.

Trends Heatmap

Trends Heatmap in TrendSpider.