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12/26/2018 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Creating a Watchlist

TrendSpider is a charting platform that allows for the automation of different manual processes in technical analysis. One of the most efficient ways to go through your charts on the platform is by creating your own watchlist. Once the watchlist is created, simply go through your charts with all the main features already pulled up on the chart without having to do anything by hand. Take a deeper look in the video and step-by-step guide below!

Video: Setting Up Your Watchlist

User Guide: Watchlists

How to Create a Watchlist in TrendSpider

Click the “Widgets” Button

In order to pull up your watch list or add a watch list, click on the widgets button.

Creating a Watchlist in TrendSpider.

Click “Watch Lists”

Once you have clicked the “Widgets” button, click “Watch Lists” to add a list to the widget bar. When there is a check next to the word, it means the feature is activated.

Creating a Watch List in TrendSpider.

Edit or Create Your New Watch List

By clicking the three horizontal dots, the option to delete, edit, or create a new watchlist is shown.

Edit or create a new watch list in TrendSpider.

Add Tickers to Your Watch List

Adding tickers to a watch list in TrendSpider.