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CMT x TrendSpider Present: Inefficiencies In Market Analysis

Hello, traders! Recently, TrendSpider’s own Jake Wujastyk and Dan Ushman sat down with the CMT Association to discuss the various ways traders experience inefficiencies in market analysis and the solutions that the TrendSpider platform provides to combat those inefficiencies. The CMT Association was so kind as to allow us to share their presentation with you all, and you can find it in the link below. Details after the jump!

Inefficiencies In Market Analysis

If you’ve been participating in the markets for any reasonable length of time, you likely have experienced your fair share of inefficiencies in your analysis. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours trying out different strategies before landing on something that is profitable and easy to stick to. Perhaps you have a great strategy, but it requires specific data sets that are not all available in the same place, so you require multiple tools and are forced to jump back and forth between them throughout the trading day. Maybe you have all the understanding you need to be a successful trader but lack the availability to watch the charts and manage your positions on a day-to-day basis.

As traders, we all have weak points and places where we struggle, but many of those issues can be mitigated, at least to some degree, with the help of proper tools:

  • A no-code strategy tester for back-testing strategies before putting real money to work
  • Alternative data types like unusual options, seasonality, and more, which give traders a fuller picture of the market environment at any given time
  • Multi-factor alerts that can be customized for the most discerning trader to act as eyes and ears on the market so opportunities are never missed, despite one’s availability to watch the charts

In this presentation, Jake and Dan lay out the framework for the many ways that the TrendSpider platform can help traders of all kinds and skill levels better optimize their time, mental bandwidth, and market understanding. We hope you enjoy their presentation!

Optimizing Inefficiencies in Market Analysis