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$QQQ Daily / Weekly Chart Case Study: Raindrop® Chart, Anchored VWAP, And Anchored Volume by Price

The terms “fakeout”, “bull” or “bear trap” are often used by traders who are still learning what to make of all of the indicators that they have overloaded their charts with; providing a convenient scapegoat where TrendSpider’ Charting Software would […]

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$SPY Daily Chart Case Study: Raindrops, Fibonacci levels, and Seasonality

What is more important than using technical analysis is actually using it correctly. This may seem like a no-brainer; however, if you ask a dozen traders about a certain TA principle, I’m sure you will not get the same answer […]

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$IVR Monthly Chart Case Study – Raindrops, Anchored VWAP, and Anchored Volume by Price

TrendSpider has been changing the way traders trade with a slew of new proprietary charting indicators never seen before, as well as improving on many traditional ones; helping to reduce the noise on the charts which often leads to bad […]

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$SPY Daily Chart Case Study: Anchored VWAP, Volume by Price, and Raindrop® Charts

I $SPY with my little eye, where the most profitable supply and demand zones lie, using Anchored VWAP and Raindrop® Charts to visualize and confirm volume on the rise. Might be a good idea to remember that, as these two […]

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$ROKU Daily Candlestick Chart Case Study: Anchored VWAP, Volume by Price, and Seasonality

It was once said that all roads led to the wealth and prosperity of Rome; as today, does price action to points for profitable entities and exits along the Anchored VWAP on candlestick charts. There are few such technical oracles […]

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$BTC Daily Candle Case Study: Anchored VWAP, Volume by Price, and Seasonality

What a fickle beast Bitcoin is. A lot of new entrants to the crypto markets found this out the hard way, after last week’s surprising market pullback to tag $29K on news that China is banning cryptocurrencies (again). As did […]

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$SPY Weekly Candle Case Study: Fibonacci Levels, Trendlines, and Seasonality

There is no need to rely only on sight to navigate the skies when one has the most advanced indicators, tools, and instruments in the cockpit. The latest scanners, alerts, and updates on environmental conditions allow one to focus on […]

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$FSLY Daily Case Study: Gap Snake, Insider Trading Widget, and Events

Some gaps are greater than others, and the “others” shouldn’t be left to “guesstimation” or missed due to being small enough to be overlooked; launching a trade in the opposite direction than expected. TrendSpider’s gap snake was built just for […]

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$BABA Monthly Candle Case Study: Complementing Technical Analysis with Seasonality & Analyst Estimates

We are sure that all have heard that learning to trade using technical analysis is the easy part, but mastering one’s own psychology being the biggest obstacle to profiting in the stock market. We all know this to be true, […]

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YouTube Special Event – Adapting To A Changing Market

The market trend (bull or bear) that a trader begins their journey in shapes their trading style in many ways for the better or the worst. The first chart patterns and indicators they become familiar with are sometimes one sided […]

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