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Category: Software Updates


Software Update: r/Wallstreetbets Smart Watch Lists Added

Hello Everyone, and welcome to yet another TrendSpider Software Update. Today, we are very pleased to announce a new type of data – Wall Street Bets sentiment data from Reddit. Learn more below the jump!

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Software Update: Strategy Tester Enhancements

Hello, and welcome to another TrendSpider Software Update. In this post, we highlight a change we have made to the TrendSpider Strategy Tester to make your backtesting experience simpler and more fluid.

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Software Update: Scanning and Checklists with Analyst Opinions

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another software update! In this update, we provide a new capability to the Market Scanner and Smart Checklists: the ability to utilize analyst estimates in your conditions.

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Software Update: Scaling and Zooming on Lower Indicators

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another TrendSpider Software Update! In today’s release, we announce an enhancement to lower indicators: the ability to individually zoom and scale the Y axis. For more info, see below.

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Software Update: News Scanning enabled for the Market Scanner / Smart Checklist

Hello everyone, and happy Friday. This week, we’re capping off with an exciting new capability for the Market Scanner: the ability to search stocks by news article, and to use news as part of your scanner conditions. For more info, […]

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Software Update: Save Complete Strategies in the Strategy Tester + Examples

Hello everyone, and welcome to another software update announcement post! Today, we are very excited to release a major update to the TrendSpider Strategy Tester. More after the jump!

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Software Update: Enhanced Watchlist Management for Mobile

Today we are excited to roll out a quality of life upgrade for Watchlist management through the “Favorites (Star)” icon on mobile. We hope this will be an intuitive upgrade to the way you manage symbols you are keeping track […]

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Software Update: New Color Coding for Watch Lists

Today, we are very excited to announce a new capability in the TrendSpider platform designed to make your watch lists easier to manage and organize: the ability to create custom color-coded labels for symbols that apply globally.

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Software Update: FINRA Reg SHO Short Sale Volume Data for Charts

Hello, everyone!  We are very excited to bring you yet another update to the TrendSpider Platform. In this release, we have fixed a few minor bugs, added a new type of data to the platform, and made some other small […]

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Software Update: Channel Drawing Tool Added

Hello everyone! We are back with a highly requested drawing tool suite update to the TrendSpider platform. In today’s update, we present the new “Channel” drawing tool. Access this in the drawing tools panel on the left of your chart […]

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