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The Stock Trading Pit Show – With The Byzantine General and Blake-TradeTracer

This week we had both the cryptocurrency and equity markets represented by our two special guests, Byzantine General and Blake-TradeTracer. In segment 1, TrendSpider’s CEO, Dan Ushman, chated up everything crypto, shared experiences trading the markets, and what is to […]

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Weekend Update Into June 14th – Major Markets Indices Triple Dare The Fed Ahead Of Policy Meeting And Close At New Highs

After Thursday’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) Report had most ETF’s and equities against the ropes, the markets sidestepped inflationary signals into the bell and closed higher; with the S&P 500 hitting new all-time highs and the Dow and NASDAQ nibbling […]

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Weekend Update Into June 7th – NASDAQ And Dow Close Shy Of All Time Highs On A “Not So Bad” Jobs Report

On Friday morning, May’s Jobs Report pushed stocks and ETFs higher; with the NASDAQ and Dow closing just shy from previous all-time highs. The 559K+ jobs added in May were less than analysts predicted but signaled that the Fed will […]

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Weekend Update Into June 1st – $SPY / $QQQ Close Near All Time Highs On High Hopes That Inflation Can Be Tamed

Memorial Day is a time to pay homage to the fallen who fought under the most extreme circumstances and adversity to achieve victory in the face of insurmountable odds, and Friday’s market close appears to have paid its respects to […]

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Weekend Update Into May 24th – $BTC Selloff Spooks The Equity Markets With Whats To Come With Inflation

The Bitcoin ($BTC) sell-off last week sent shock waves throughout the cryptocurrency markets with some traders washing up on the shores of the traditional equity markets looking for a safe haven. Friday’s close was pretty quiet after a week of […]

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Weekend Update Into May 17th – Bears Confer After Friday’s Broard Market Rally Across Major Indices

Major market indices rallied on Friday to post impressive gains, yet still suffering their biggest weekly losses since February. Friday’s gains were spread across various sectors; with Apple and Tesla for the win in Tech and Carnaval and American Airlines […]

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Weekend Update Into May 10th – Market Smirks At Negative Jobs Report To Close At New All Time Highs

Somewhere in an alternative Universe, an employment report similar to Friday’s would have upset the markets, but not here, not Friday. Employment numbers fell short by almost 70%, which most would have thought would have been a sell signal on […]

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Weekend Update Into April 12th – Who’s Afraid Of Inflation?! Market Shrugs Off Data To Reach New All Time Highs

The S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ YOLO’d into the afternoon session to close at new all time highs after morning jitters concerning inflation and manufacturing data. Although the numbers did point to a potential uptick in inflation, opinions are that it […]

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Weekend Update Into April 5th – S&P 500 Smashes 4,000 and NASDAQ Pumps On News of Biden’s New Green Deal.

Spartan cheers of victory rang out in the Wall St. pits on Thursday, as the S&P smashed 4,000 to new all time highs. With the NASDAQ adding and impressive 2% gain to the index (recovering losses from earlier in the […]

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Weekend Update Into March 29th – Hold My Beer! NASDAQ Refuses To Be Undone on Friday After S&P Soars

TGIF has a different ring to it after the closing bell with the S&P soaring 200 points on the Fed’s announcement that limitations on buybacks will expire in June. NKE, CSCO, INTC all had a great day, but TSLA slid […]

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