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Weekend Update Into October 18th – Recovery Season Here?

Back to back choppy weeks for $SPY and $QQQ have prompted mixed reviews from traders on what lies ahead for Q4. Some, argue a larger correction is justified while others shout “buy the dip” from their local keyboard.  Monday trading […]

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Weekend Update Into October 11th – A Choppy Start to October

Another week of sideways action fun! Monday trading opened in a panic flush for both the $SPY and $QQQ, $QQQ notably lost its $352 support early in the morning. The rest of the day and proceeding week was meet with […]

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Weekend Update Into October 4th – Index’s Hang On By A Thread

After a decent close Friday, Monday opened in a flush for the major indexes. Selling continued throughout the week leaving market participants in panic mode headed into Friday where we started to see some rebounds across the market. Next week […]

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Weekend Update Into September 27th – Major Index’s Close Strong

After last week’s panic close, Monday opened in a flush for most stocks and indexes. The selling was quickly absorbed by buyers sending both $SPY and $QQQ to close the week green for the first time this September! The $SPY, in particular, closed […]

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Weekend Update Into September 20th – Look Out Below!

A choppy start to the week ended in bloodshed sending both $SPY and $QQQ to close the week red for a second week in a row. The $SPY, in particular, closed at $441.43 (-1.61%), selling off hard again this week towards the end […]

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Weekend Update Into September 7th – Continued Strength For The Majors

At Friday’s Market close both $SPY and $QQQ once again push to close the week at new all-time highs! Seems as though traders have thrown out the short-term narrative around “tapering” panic, calling the Fed’s bluff as the delta variant sweeps through the […]

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Weekend Update Into August 23rd – Stock Indexes Rebound Higher On Friday To Close Out A Red Week

Major U.S. stock indices closed out in the green on Friday, yet down from the previous week’s close on ever persisting COVID variant fears and looming economic intervention from the Fed. The Dow gained 225.96 points, the S$P 0.08%, and […]

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Weekend Update Into August 16th – S&P And Dow Hit New All Time Highs To Little Applause

At Friday’s close, the S&P and Dow reached new all-time highs. The Dow gained over 300 points, the S&P closed above its previous high (by less than a quarter-point), and cyclicals started to show positive momentum. So where are all […]

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Weekend Update Into August 9th – Friday Books Record Highs After Employment Numbers Beat Expectations

More than a cat was let out of the bag on Friday after better than expected employment numbers sent major indices to new record highs, as stocks booked strong weekly gains across various sectors. The Dow and S&P closed at […]

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Weekend Update Into August 2nd – Indexes Close Lower On Amazon’s Q2 Report and Accelerating COVID-19 Cases

Although the S&P 500 posted six straight months of consecutive gains in July, Friday closed lower across most major indexes on renewed fears of COVID-19 restrictions and Amazon’s Q2 sales report. As the highly contagious Delta variant spreads, investors are […]

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