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$QQQ Daily / Weekly Chart Case Study: Raindrop® Chart, Anchored VWAP, And Anchored Volume by Price

The terms “fakeout”, “bull” or “bear trap” are often used by traders who are still learning what to make of all of the indicators that they have overloaded their charts with; providing a convenient scapegoat where TrendSpider’ Charting Software would […]

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The Stock Trading Pit Show – With Izzy And Austin Silver

This week we had two very special guests; Izzy and Austin Silver. Segment 1, Talking With Traders, started off with Izzy (one of the growing number of women who have mastered the trade) with TrendSpider’s CEO; Dan Ushman. Izzy and […]

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Weekend Update Into July 19th – U.S. Stocks Close Lower As Consumer Sentiments Wain

Stock yielded to the red after a 3-week winning streak, pulling all major indexes into negative territory. After positive retail sales numbers rolled in on Friday, the University of Michigan’s index of consumer sentiment (which strips out inflation) revealed that […]

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$SPY Daily Chart Case Study: Raindrops, Fibonacci levels, and Seasonality

What is more important than using technical analysis is actually using it correctly. This may seem like a no-brainer; however, if you ask a dozen traders about a certain TA principle, I’m sure you will not get the same answer […]

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The Stock Trading Pit Show – With Moonshine and ThetaWarrior

This week we have two very amazing guests; Moonshine and ThetaWarrior We began segment 1 with Talking With Traders, where Moonshine and Jake (TrendSpider’s Chief Market Analyst) discussed the experiences which helped to mold them into profitable traders; as well […]

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$IVR Monthly Chart Case Study – Raindrops, Anchored VWAP, and Anchored Volume by Price

TrendSpider has been changing the way traders trade with a slew of new proprietary charting indicators never seen before, as well as improving on many traditional ones; helping to reduce the noise on the charts which often leads to bad […]

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Weekend Update Into June 28th – The Broad Market Takes The Reins And Closes At New Yearly Highs

The broad markets and major indexes decided to celebrate the 4th early; booking impressive gains at the close on Friday. Of note, the S&P 500 closed at new all-time highs, signaling that investors are digesting new economic data on inflation […]

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TrendSpider in Nasdaq: Bitcoin versus GameStop

Nasdaq reached out to TrendSpider’s Founder and CEO, Dan Ushman, for his thoughts on the recent price flow of GameStop and Bitcoin. Read below for his thoughts on the overall price action as well as here for the full article. Since […]

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The Stock Trading Pit Show – With The Byzantine General and Blake-TradeTracer

This week we had both the cryptocurrency and equity markets represented by our two special guests, Byzantine General and Blake-TradeTracer. In segment 1, TrendSpider’s CEO, Dan Ushman, chated up everything crypto, shared experiences trading the markets, and what is to […]

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$SPY Daily Chart Case Study: Relative Volume and Seasonality

There is so much more to volume than meets the eye on free charting software platforms. TrendSpider’s new Relative Volume Indicator adds another visual element to charting with volume. The indicator allows traders to visualize buying and selling momentum in […]

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