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Category: Announcements


Software Update: Mobile App Add & Remove Indicators

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new software update for the TrendSpider Companion Mobile App. In this update, we introduce the ability to add and remove indicators to your charts in-app! More details after the jump.

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TrendSpider In The News: 2021 Recap

Hello everyone! What a crazy year 2021 has been. We are extremely blessed and excited to head into the new year with a bang, but before we do here is a brief archive of our news placements from 2021. Enjoy!

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TrendSpider Recognized As 2021 Benzinga Fintech Awards Winner

Hosted by Benzinga, the firm helping investors achieve the next stage of their growth, as well as promote innovation across all spaces, the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards recognizes and awards those disruptive innovators that create positive and diverse changes in […]

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Introducing TrendSpider TV

You asked, we listened. Introducing TrendSpider TV. Stepping in to fill the shoes of the Stock Trading Pit Show, TrendSpider TV features three unique shows to highlight different aspects of trading. Chart Requests Live!, Weekend Update, and Talking with Traders […]

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Weekend Update Into September 13th – Flush Fridays

Early week selling intensified Friday sending both $SPY and $QQQ to close the week in the red, a rare sight this year, despite jobless claims hitting COVID-era low. The $SPY, in particular, closed at $445.51 (-1.59%), selling off hard towards the end of […]

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TrendSpider in Forbes: Bitcoin’s Bounce

TrendSpider’s Chief Marketing Analyst Jake Wujastyk was recently featured in Forbes for his analysis on Bitcoin following Monday’s dip in which Bitcoin dropped ~10%. Check out Jake’s analysis below and read the full article here. The first thing to note […]

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Labor Day Sale 2021: 40% Off All Plans

Struggling to find your edge, keep emotions in check, and find setups that work? We’ve built some amazing tools to help you refine your strategy and get on the right track. TrendSpider was built to automate the grunt work associated […]

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Software Update: Use Emoji’s in your Charts

Hello everyone. Today, we have another small update to the TrendSpider platform designed to give you more control and flexibility over your charts. More below the fold!

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Weekend Update Into August 28th – Indexes Rally To Close An Impressive Week

At Friday’s Market close both $SPY and $QQQ push to end the week at new all-time highs! Last week’s “tapering” panic was quickly shaken off by investors and traders alike seeing heavy bid action throughout the period. The $SPY closed […]

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TrendSpider Now Accepting Apple Pay®

Hello Everyone! Following our announcement on GooglePay® TrendSpider users can now use ApplePay® for their platform subscription. For those who have become accustomed to the security and anonymity of Apple Pay®, we are happy to add this to one of […]

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