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06/26/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Automation for Anchored VWAP + Anchored VWAP Enhancements

Today we are happy to announce something big!

With the help of Brian Shannon (creator of Anchored VWAP) from we have greatly expanded our Anchored VWAP based features to include automated anchoring from multiple types of pivot points as well as unique VWAP bands. This is a very big update for us and we hope you enjoy this innovation as much as we will!

This update to TrendSpider’s Alphatrends Anchored VWAP adds a wide range of new capabilities. Here are the highlights:


Automated Anchoring for Anchored VWAP Now Available

One such capability is the ability to have TrendSpider automatically anchor your VWAP at specific points in time for you, saving you time and improving your efficiency. You can have TrendSpider automatically anchor your VWAP at any of the following points in time:

  • Highest Volume Candle in candle range
  • Highest High in candle range
  • Lowest Low in candle range
  • Most Recent Blue Doji Raindrop(tm)
  • Recent Gap(s)
  • Day to date (Since open, today)
  • Week to date (Since open at start of week)
  • Month to date (Since the monthly open)
  • Quarter to date (Since the start of each quarter)
  • Year to date (Since January 1)
Example of Automated Anchoring Functionality


Bands for Anchored VWAP Now Available 

  • Standard Deviation Bands, with 4-default settings inspired by Fibonacci levels
  • Percentage Bands, with 4-default settings inspired by Fibonacci levels
  • Alphatrends VbP Ribbon, with variable line thickness based on the amount of volume found at the price level relative to the entirety of the line (stay tuned for more on this!)


Alerts Now Automatically Follow Anchored VWAPs When Re-Anchoring

  • When you create a Dynamic Price Alert on an Automatically Anchored VWAP, and later, the Anchor Point jumps because the Anchor Condition has been met again, the Dynamic Alert will jump with the Anchored VWAP to the next anchor point. This allows for continuous strategies, more dynamic alert creation, and backtesting of Anchored VWAP indicators, with less user intervention along the way.
  • Your alert will re-anchor with the Anchored VWAP itself and there is no action needed on your part to reconfigure your alert.
  • Dynamic Alerts can be created on any bands around any Anchored VWAP you have put on your charts as well as on the thickness of the VbP Ribbon.
  • You can take full advantage of TrendSpider Sensitivity Buffer Zones on alerts created on Anchored VWAPs.


Backtesting for Automatically Anchored VWAPs Now Available

  • With Continuous Lines and Automated Anchoring, you can now use the TrendSpider Strategy Tester to backtest Anchored VWAP-based strategies!


Continuous Anchored VWAP Now Available

  • A new option has been added to allow you to make certain Anchored VWAP lines “Continuous”.
  • This capability is what enables TrendSpider to backtest using Anchored VWAPs.
  • Limitations: Continuous mode does not work on Automatically Anchored VWAPs that are anchored to Highest Volume, Highest Price or Lowest Price conditions.
  • How to access: Edit Properties of any Anchored VWAP that is not restricted by the above mentioned Limitations and check the Continuous checkbox.


Anchored VWAP Now Fully Supports MTFA

  • Automated Anchored VWAP supports MTFA for Multi-Timeframe VWAPs from long-ago on short term charts.
  • Use MTFA to see VWAPs that are Anchored or Auto-Anchored in the distant (relative) past, such as year-to-date VWAPs on intraday charts


How to Access

  • You can now add Alphatrends Anchored VWAPs from the Indicator Manager Dialog.
  • Click the 3 dots next to Indicators to open the dialog.
  • Then add an Anchored VWAP to your indicators.
  • Finally, you may adjust the settings, including the bands and anchor automation by configuring the indicator as any other.
  • You may also change colors and customize the appearance of the line as well.


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