Author: Thilo von Windheim


TrendSpider in Forbes: Bitcoin’s Short-term Descent

Things continue to take a turn for the worse as far as Bitcoin (BTC) is concerned- at least in the short-term. Next month, August, holds one of the lowest win rates of the year (20%) according to the coin’s seasonality* […]

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TrendSpider in Business Insider: GameStop’s Most Recent Moves

TrendSpider’s Chief Marketing Analyst Jake Wujastyk was recently featured in Business Insider for his thoughts on GameStop’s (GME) most recent moves. “Overall, the market has been favoring large-cap names such as Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and those alike as smaller cap growth names […]

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TrendSpider’s Jake Wujastyk Favored On Invezz’s “47 Best Stock Traders To Follow”

Whether you’re a beginner trader or more experienced trader there are always new quirks and techniques to pick up in relation to the stock market. One of the best ways to go about educating ones self is through shadowing the […]

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TrendSpider in Nasdaq: Bitcoin versus GameStop

Nasdaq reached out to TrendSpider’s Founder and CEO, Dan Ushman, for his thoughts on the recent price flow of GameStop and Bitcoin. Read below for his thoughts on the overall price action as well as here for the full article. Since […]

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TrendSpider on The Street: Doom In June

Since bottoming out in 2016, the market hasn’t closed green once in the 26th week of the year. That has remained consistent over the past five years! As the 26th week approaches watch Jake Wujastyk, TrendSpider’s Chief Marketing Analyst, give […]

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TrendSpider on Cheddar: Bitcoin Making Big Moves

It’s no doubt that El Salvador’s recent adoption of Bitcoin as a recognized currency has increased crypto-traders optimism towards the legitimacy of crypto-currency going forward. Cheddar News reached out to TrendSpider’s Chief Market Analyst, Jake Wujastyk, for his take on […]

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TrendSpider on Cheddar TV: Bitcoin Takes A Bite

If you were trading crypto back in 2017 you may be experiencing a bit of déjà-vue. With high volatility back in play, Bitcoin has managed to reach new all-time highs and then some putting the spotlight back on the cryptocurrency […]

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TrendSpider on Cheddar TV: Meme Stocks Live to Dive Another Day

Gamestop and AMC are the talk of the town following an over 50% surge in both since close this Thursday. Cheddar News reached out to Jake Wujastyk, TrendSpider’s Chief Marketing Analyst, for his thoughts. AMC, Gamestop; those shares surged 50% […]

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TrendSpider in Bloomberg: Tesla Running Out Of Juice?

For Tesla, a lot is up in the air. After hitting a key breaching point recovery seems to be the question on trader’s minds. “The overall market has started to rotate back into growth names, which has helped Tesla find […]

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