Author: Ruslan Lagutin


How to use Offsets in your Alerts or Backtests

TrendSpider now supports offsets in alert and backtest templates. This post will explain how offsets work and when you should use them. What are offsets? Offsets allow you to compare events that occurred in the past or in a sequence. […]

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Understanding TrendSpider’s Strategy Explorer

The TrendSpider Strategy Explorer makes it easy to backtest trading strategies. There are quite a few unique advantages over other backtesting tools on the market, so please take some time to read this blog post — even if you’re familiar […]

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Raindrops vs. Japanese Candlesticks: More Insights with Zero Noise

Raindrop Charts are a new kind of financial chart designed to let you to see what’s happening in the market from a unique perspective. Raindrops are built from the same market data as Japanese candlesticks, but incorporate volume into the final […]

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Blue Raindrops: Potentially Effective for Identifying Support/Resistance & Reversals Levels

On Raindrop Charts, the color of a Raindrop depends on the relative position of the Left and Right mean (VWAP) prices to each other. The logic is similar to Japanese Candlesticks or Bars: It’s red if Right is less than […]

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Analysis Shows Stock Prices Tend to Cluster

One of my favorite parts of my job is to mess around with market data. Eventually, I found myself with a scatter plot comparing the price versus volume for Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT). This chart was built with two-and-a-half years […]

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Sunday Update for Week of 10/22 – Are the Markets Nearing a Bottom?

A prepared trader is a profitable trader, and Sunday is a great day to get ready for the week ahead by studying up from last week’s price action. This weekend, we once again focus on the broad markets as the […]

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