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How to Balance Trading With Your Day Job – TrendSpider Blog

Many trading strategies don’t require a full-time commitment. Unless you’re day trading, there’s no reason to be stuck behind a screen for eight hours per day. Mobile trading, real-time alerts, and advanced order types have made it easy to react […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Chart Patterns

Chart patterns help traders understand market sentiment at any given point in time. Unlike technical indicators, identifying and analyzing chart patterns is qualitative (subjective) rather than quantitative. It’s not enough to simply recognize a pattern — you must look at […]

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Volume Indicators and Strategies for Traders

Most traders have seen stocks that have soared 1,000% or even 10,000% in a given day, but we quickly skim past them and move on to other opportunities. The reason is simple: These huge gains occur on penny stocks that […]

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Looking for a ProphetCharts Alternative? Try This Platform!

thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade recently decided to drop ProphetCharts from its trading platform. Since its introduction in 2004, Tim Knight’s ProphetCharts has become the de facto charting solution for millions of active traders both independently and after TD Ameritrade’s acquisition. The […]

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6 Must-Read Books for Aspiring and Expert Traders

Many book recommendations for traders focus on timeless classics, such as A Random Walk Down Wall Street or Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. While these are timeless classics that are certainly worth reading, traders may want to turn toward more […]

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A Practical Guide to Screening for and Trading Bullish Divergences

Most traders are familiar with oscillators, such as the relative strength index (RSI) or moving average convergence-divergence (MACD), but they may not realize that there’s more to them than waiting for them to reach the extremes. It’s true that the […]

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How to Use Moving Averages to Improve Your Trading

Most traders learn about moving averages when they first study technical analysis, but quickly abandon them as they learn about other more complex technical indicators. There’s a perception among some traders that successful trading systems need to be complex in […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Technical Indicators

Most people that see technical indicators for the first time feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the lines and numbers. It’s a lot like showing an equation containing a sigma symbol (Σ) to a fifth grader — it might […]

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What’s the Best Day Trading Platform? – TrendSpider Blog

The average active trader underperforms the S&P 500 by 6.5% per year, but day trading is among the most competitive forms of trading. In fact, just one percent of day traders can predictably generate a net profit after fees! Successful […]

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How to Spot and Trade Reversals with the Evening Star and Abandoned Baby

Most traders are familiar with doji candlestick patterns, which indicate that there’s a lot of indecision in the market. While indecision doesn’t always lead to a reversal, it does suggest that the previous trend is likely losing steam. This can […]

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