Author: Brad Ritter


Weekend Update Into September 20th – Look Out Below!

A choppy start to the week ended in bloodshed sending both $SPY and $QQQ to close the week red for a second week in a row. The $SPY, in particular, closed at $441.43 (-1.61%), selling off hard again this week towards the end […]

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Weekend Update Into September 13th – Flush Fridays

Early week selling intensified Friday sending both $SPY and $QQQ to close the week in the red, a rare sight this year, despite jobless claims hitting COVID-era low. The $SPY, in particular, closed at $445.51 (-1.59%), selling off hard towards the end of […]

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Software Update: Channel Drawing Tool Added

Hello everyone! We are back with a highly requested drawing tool suite update to the TrendSpider platform. In today’s update, we present the new “Channel” drawing tool. Access this in the drawing tools panel on the left of your chart […]

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Weekend Update Into September 7th – Continued Strength For The Majors

At Friday’s Market close both $SPY and $QQQ once again push to close the week at new all-time highs! Seems as though traders have thrown out the short-term narrative around “tapering” panic, calling the Fed’s bluff as the delta variant sweeps through the […]

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Labor Day Sale 2021: 40% Off All Plans

Struggling to find your edge, keep emotions in check, and find setups that work? We’ve built some amazing tools to help you refine your strategy and get on the right track. TrendSpider was built to automate the grunt work associated […]

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Weekend Update Into August 28th – Indexes Rally To Close An Impressive Week

At Friday’s Market close both $SPY and $QQQ push to end the week at new all-time highs! Last week’s “tapering” panic was quickly shaken off by investors and traders alike seeing heavy bid action throughout the period. The $SPY closed […]

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Software Update: New “Stroke” Option for Bars Charts

Hello Everyone! We are pleased to bring you another minor update to the TrendSpider platform’s Bar charts. You can now personalize the thickness of the price bars on the Bar chart type by choosing from 3 different stroke (thickness) options: […]

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Telsa ($TSLA) Monthly Chart Case Study: Raindrop Charts®, Anchored VWAP, Volume by Price, And Seasonality

Some price action traders believe that price is the only thing that matters. Their charts are “clean” with nothing more than support and resistance levels marking key zones. Using this minimalist approach, these traders plot their entries and exits with […]

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Software Update: Improved Chart Zoom, Pan and Scale Controls

Hello Everyone! We are happy to bring you another software update to the TrendSpider platform in the Quality of Life category. TrendSpider now supports manual chart movement, panning, and, on mobile, pinch zooming better and more natural than ever before.

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Weekend Update Into August 23rd – Stock Indexes Rebound Higher On Friday To Close Out A Red Week

Major U.S. stock indices closed out in the green on Friday, yet down from the previous week’s close on ever persisting COVID variant fears and looming economic intervention from the Fed. The Dow gained 225.96 points, the S$P 0.08%, and […]

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