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04/26/2024 |

Apple Vision Pro: Updates and Future Projections

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Apple’s Revised Shipment Estimates

AAPL‘s (Apple) anticipated shipments of the Vision Pro headset for 2024 have been significantly adjusted downwards, dropping from an initial projection of 700 to 800k units to a more conservative estimate of 400k to 450k units. This adjustment follows scaled-back orders, signaling a notable decrease in demand, particularly outside the United States.

Expansion Plans and Market Launch

Despite the revised shipment forecasts, Apple remains committed to expanding the availability of the Vision Pro headset. It is suggested that Apple intends to introduce the headset to new markets before the June Worldwide Developers Conference, indicating a potential rollout in the coming months. However, the scaled-back orders in anticipation of the launch highlight the need for a cautious approach to assessing market demand.

Future Outlook and Produce Roadmap

Looking ahead, Apple is bracing for a year-over-year decline in Vision Pro shipments for 2025 compared to 2024. Instead of releasing a new Vision Pro model in 2025, efforts seem focused on refining production efficiency and supply chain management, with substantial updates to the Vision Pro anticipated closer to 2027. Addressing concerns such as application availability, pricing, and user comfort remains paramount for Apple to bolster Vision Pro sales and influence the broader adoption of advanced display technologies in consumer electronics.