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03/15/2024 |

Apple Acquires AI Startup DarwinAI

This is an image of the AAPL logo.

It seems AAPL is wasting no time delving into its AI strategy since announcing the discontinuation of its electric car project. In a strategic move, the tech giant has announced the acquisition of AI startup DarwinAI. This acquisition, reported to have occurred earlier this year, marks a significant development in Apple’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its position in the AI arms race.

What Does DarwinAI Do?

Founded in 2017, DarwinAI is a rapidly growing visual quality inspection company providing manufacturers with an end-to-end solution to improve product quality and increase production efficiency with their patented Explainable AI (XAI).

How Will Apple Use This Technology?

It it not yet known exactly how Apple will utilize DarwinAI’s technology, but it is believed they plan to roll it out across various products and services, including Siri, autonomous systems, and more. It’s believed this technology will also be utilized in Apple‘s supply chain to help make its component manufacturers more efficient.


Apple‘s acquisition of DarwinAI marks a significant step in its AI strategy, positioning the company for further advancements in AI-driven technologies. As Apple continues to invest in AI research and development, the impact of this acquisition on its future products and services remains to be seen.